February 2, 2022

Any docker images to be updated?

Keeping docker images up to date, can be a challenge, I'm not talking about the images you maintain yourself, but the public ones that you're relying on. These needs to be updated from time to time...


October 24, 2021

Robots.txt with Jigsaw

Setting up a robots.txt can be helpful to help search engines what to crawl on your website and what not. Setting it up within Jigsaw is fairly simple. This is how I did...


October 21, 2021

Set default headers with Nginx

Working with web-development, one need to take HTTP Headers into consideration to. Not every web-application sets the headers that could help on security. One of the headers is...


October 16, 2021

Reading Productivity

I have always wanted to read more! You know that feeling? I do very well. I have some "problems" that "keeps" me from reading more. This little post is about how I have tackled them. First off,...