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Setting up a blog with Jigsaw

Tomas Norre • July 28, 2021

blog development

With the blog post you will learn how to set up you own blog with Jigsaw.


* PHP 7.4+
* composer

Let us get started

open your terminal, and type in

$ composer require tightenco/jigsaw
$ ./vendor/bin/jigsaw init blog

And that's it for now.

Watch the result

Now you can watch you blog

$ ./vendor/bin/jigsaw serve

Now go to http://localhost:8000 and you will see the demo blog from Tighten.

There are a few things that you should pay attention to. Bellow there a snippet of some of the directories.

Every category you want on your blog, you need a markdown file in your _categories-folder. The Layouts are all stored in the _layouts-folder, and last but not least, the blog posts itself are located in _posts-folder.

── _categories
│   ├──
│   └──
├── _layouts
│   ├── category.blade.php
│   ├── main.blade.php
│   ├── master.blade.php
│   ├── post.blade.php
│   └── rss.blade.php
└── _posts

The blog posts have a structure like

section: content
title: My First Blog Post
date: 2017-03-23
description: This is your first blog post.
cover_image: /assets/img/post-cover-image-2.png

This is the start of your first blog post.

The section between the --- is the metadata which all can be reached within the template (_layouts/post.blade.php) by using $page->title or $page->date. The part after the --- is simple markdown and your blog post, the <h1> will, with the default template, be rendered from the title so you would not need to add a # Headline yourself.

The filename in this case, will also be the URL of the post e.g. http://localhost:8000/blog/my-first-blog-post

And now?

Now you are ready to start tweaking the setup to fit your needs. Instead of using the ./vendor/bin/jigsaw serve you can also use npm run watch which will start a browser with hot-reload on changes, so that you will not need to refresh your browser on every change.


If adding a new blog-post you would need to restart the jigsaw serve or npm run watch otherwise it will not detect the new file.


For deploying your new blog, I recommend looking at the Jigsaw Documentation, to find the one matching your needs. I'm deploying my blog with netlify.


I think I have till this day not worked with a blog system that was easier to get started with than Jigsaw, I really enjoy working with it, and it got me started really fast.

If you find any typos or incorrect information, please reach out on GitHub so that we can have the mistake corrected.